Congratulations Reflections Council Qualifiers

This Fall Maywood students submitted a variety of pieces for this year’s PTA Reflections Art Program. Congratulations to the 15 Council Qualifiers from Maywood! You represented the school and yourselves beautifully and we hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you! And hats off to Judges Choice Award winner Thorin Freriks and State Qualifiers Hannah Langford and Will Lorusso.

Art Gallery Night is Friday January 12 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Eastside Foursquare Church. Come enjoy this open house style celebration of art from all Northshore School District Council Qualifiers! Find out more about this Friday’s Art Gallery Night or View the Event Program.


Visual Arts Grades K-2
Dodge Meeks
Elizabeth Larsen
Kailey Frank
Kalea Geijsbeek
Kate Pilgrim
Lillian Last
Natalie Graves
Rhea Shah
Vincent Pearson
Will Lorusso (SQ)

Literature Grades K-2
Kailey Frank

Visual Arts Grades 3-5
Alia Pearson
Natthan Cloninger

3D Grades 3-5
Thorin Frerilks (JC)

Photography Grades 3-5
Thorin Freriks

Literature Grades 3-5
Hannah Langford (SQ)
Abbigail Last

(SQ) State Qualifier
(JC) Judges Choice Award

Glowsticks on Sale for Halloween $1

Following the guidelines of state mandates (which are unfunded), Nurse Peggy and the Emergency Prep Team work to ensure that all of Maywood’s students and staff would be safe and provided for in an emergency.  In order to raise money for the many supplies required to comply with state emergency mandates, Maywood’s E-Prep Team sells glowsticks throughout the school year.  (You may have seen us at the school BBQ!)
E-Prep will be selling glowsticks for Halloween safety on Thursday, October 26th, Friday, October 27th, Monday, October 30th, and Tuesday, October 31st.  Students or parents can purchase glowsticks at the bottom of the recess stairs during recess.  All glowsticks cost $1, and all proceeds will benefit Maywood’s Emergency Prep.  (We have Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Aqua).  Thank You for supporting this great cause!

Coffee and Doughnuts Start the Year off Right

Thank you downtown QFC, Canyon Park Starbucks & Volunteers!

Sept. 6, 2017 – We want to say a big thank you to our volunteers who handed out coffee and doughnuts this morning. It was nice to see new and familiar faces and catch up with friends. We hope you enjoyed the treats. Thank you downtown QFC for providing the doughnuts and Canyon Park Starbucks for providing the coffee!