Tiger’s Pause Newsletter

The Tiger’s Pause is a monthly publication of the Maywood Hills PTA newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform the Maywood families about upcoming events and activities as well as important school related news.  This year the newsletters will be distributed to parents via email and it will be available as a link on this page.  If you would prefer a paper copy of the newsletter, stop by the Maywood Hills main office to pick up your copy each month.

Submitting Articles to PTA Newsletter

The goal is to publish a newsletter at the beginning of each month. In order to achieve this, articles need to be sent in advance for layout and editing.

Date articles need to be submitted Publishing Date of Newsletter
September 6th September 9th
September 30th October 3rd
November 4th November 7th
December 2nd December 5th
December 30th January 2nd
February 3rd February 6th
March 3rd March 6th
March 31st April 3rd
April 28th May 1st
June 2nd June 5th

To submit articles to be featured in the newsletter, please send them to:
Danielle Dolbec – newsletter ‘at’

Sign Up to Keep Receiving E-Mails from the PTA

In order to get our messages out quickly and to save paper and printing costs, the PTA is doing more emailing to our school families (not just to PTA members). We don’t have email addresses for everyone, so the school has been helping us out by forwarding messages for us.

If you would like to receive email communications about PTA events, meetings, fundraisers, after school programs/clubs, volunteer opportunities, survey participation and more… then click here to subscribe to the Maywood Hills PTA emails. Please provide your preferred email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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