PTA Nominating Committee

The charge of the nominating committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified people available for elected PTA positions. It is the most important committee in PTA. Having qualified people step into leadership positions in a local PTA or council or at the state level will ensure success for many years into the future. The work of this committee is paramount to fulfilling our mission as PTAs.

Would you like to serve your school in a major way? Do you know some people who you think would be a great addition to our PTA leadership? Maybe you’d like to team up with another person to fill a position as co-leaders. Please help us find excellent servants and leaders to guide our PTA for the 2018-2019 school year, beginning July 1, 2018. We are looking at all positions of President/Co-President, Vice-President/Co-VPs, Treasurer/Co-Treasurer, and Secretary/Co-Secretary. The nominating committee consists of Jennifer Hoffer, Rebecca Baunsgard and Kelly Hennessey

  • Deadline for nominations is January 24th
  • Download form HERE or pick one up in the school’s office
  • Please submit sealed forms to the school’s front office or email completed forms to
Update from the Nominating Committee
The 2017-18  Maywood Hills Elementary PTA Nominating Committee places the following names in nomination for the 2018-19 Officer election to be held at the next general meeting on March 13, 2018:
•For the office of President; Scott Friend
•For the office of Vice-President; Luke Brannon
•For the office of Co-Secretary; Kelly Frost
•For the office of Co-Secretary; Michelle Kono
•For the office of Treasurer; Stacey Greening
Signed by the members of the Nominating Committee:
Jennifer Hoffer, Chair
Rebecca Baunsgard
Kelly Hennessey
At the March 13th General Meeting, members will vote to elect new officers. PTA by-laws permit members to nominate other candidates from the floor at the meeting before the vote takes place, as well. See you there!