Following the guidelines of state mandates (which are unfunded), Nurse Peggy and the Emergency Prep Team work to ensure that all of Maywood’s students and staff would be safe and provided for in an emergency.  In order to raise money for the many supplies required to comply with state emergency mandates, Maywood’s E-Prep Team sells glowsticks throughout the school year.  (You may have seen us at the school BBQ!)
E-Prep will be selling glowsticks for Halloween safety on Thursday, October 26th, Friday, October 27th, Monday, October 30th, and Tuesday, October 31st.  Students or parents can purchase glowsticks at the bottom of the recess stairs during recess.  All glowsticks cost $1, and all proceeds will benefit Maywood’s Emergency Prep.  (We have Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Aqua).  Thank You for supporting this great cause!