Time to Appreciate our Maywood Staff! 

We can’t make them a pumpkin spice latte bar for the staff lounge…but we CAN help them all grab a cozy fall drink at Starbucks at their own leisure.  Please sign up to buy a $5 Starbucks gift card so that we can provide cards for each of our 78 wonderful staff members.  


Cards will be dropped off at Mary or Brooke’s front porch (addresses in the sign up link).  We will have a small box close to our front door marked “Staff Appreciation”.  No need to knock or ring–you can just drop and go.  Mary and Brooke will check for cards frequently throughout the day to make sure we get them safely!

Please drop off cards by Friday, October 16!!!

Thank you to our amazing Maywood Community for showing our staff how we can’t get by without them! 

~Your Staff Appreciation Crew