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Information on the WSPTA Family and Community Engagement Program can be found here: https://www.wastatepta.org/focus-areas/family-engagement/ 

The Festival of Cultures is part of Maywood Hills’ PTA F.A.C.E. program.

Festival of Cultures

What dish will you be bringing to our virtual potluck?

Maywood families and staff are a culturally diverse community.  Let us learn more about one another through the foods we eat. Food is an important part of cultural heritage and national identity. It can connect us to people and places, bringing friends and families together.

From May 10-21, the festival will consist of the following activities: 

Virtual Activities
Maywood Hills PTA facebook or see below for the complete festival overview.

A Family Poster
Link to Window template
Use this activity to follow along with the festival throughout the two weeks.

Maywood Hills 2021  Online Cookbook
Link to instructions for recipe 
Submit recipes to face@maywoodhillspta.com  by May 21. Submit as many recipes as you like for the cookbook.
Each recipe submission will be entered into our raffle for a prize.   *(Each family will get a  maximum of 3 raffle entries.) A Special Prize will be awarded for Staff entries!

A Menu of Activities

May 10

Window into Your Family – Poster

This poster will be used throughout the festival. Please keep adding to it and submit it by May 21 for a chance to be highlighted in our e-cookbook AND to be entered in our raffle.

Use the template or create your own.  We invite you to be as creative as you like!

Food for Thought

Does your family have a special food theme night? Do you enjoy having a family brunch on the
weekend or a popcorn movie night? 

Activity 1:  What is a food tradition your family has? Draw and write in the first section of the poster.  

May 13

Food and Cultural Festivals & Celebrations

Eid Mubarak! May 13th, Eid Al Fitr, celebrates the end of Ramadan, a 29-30 day fast followed by Muslim communities around the world. 

Some Eid traditions are not religious in nature and may reflect the culture and community which one lives in. Certain foods are eaten depending on which part of the world Eid is being celebrated. For example, in Egypt, Kahk (a type of sugar coated crumble cookie) may be eaten. 

Food for Thought
Is there a special food or treat you typically eat during a festival or celebration?

For example: Birthday pancakes with candles;  banh chung and banh tet during Vietnamese lunar New Year; or sweet, sticky jalebi during Diwali or festivals!

Activity 2: What is a celebration or holiday that is special to you and your family? Draw and write in the second part of the poster.

May 14

Art and Food

Artists have been using food and feasts as their subjects for hundreds of years. Artwork showing what people eat and how they gather provides insight into the cultures of the past and present. Here is a link to just a few iconic food paintings throughout history, don’t miss the peanut butter and jelly Mona Lisa portraits!

Food for Thought

We invite families and staff to create some works of art featuring their favorite foods. Whether it’s a realistic painting, an abstract drawing, or a photo of a playdough creation, we would love to see them! 

Upload a photo to the Maywood Hills PTA facebook or FACE@maywoodhillspta.com to be included in the Maywood Hills 2021 Cookbook!

Activity 3:  Draw your favorite food in box #3. 

Need some inspiration? Check out Art for Kids Hub website with dozens of How To Draw food videos! https://www.artforkidshub.com/how-to-draw/food/
May 17

Books about Food

Reading books is another great way to explore how food shapes and creates our family customs, traditions and cultures. Books can also be a great way to introduce a new food or custom to our children. 

Food for Thought

How is the food that your family eats represented in books? Have you read a book that has inspired you to try something new? Here is a list of books that can be found at the Bothell Library (many are available as ebooks as well!). There are picture books, graphic novels, and middle grade short novels as well!

Looking for some online read alouds?

Activity 4: Draw a family portrait and the country or state flag(s) that represents your  family.

May 19

Kids in the Kitchen

From a young age, children want to help with preparing food. Learning cooking skills can be a messy and hectic ordeal! However, it helps children develop reading, math,and science skills, while also strengthening their language and motor development. When kids can help make the food they are also more likely to try it! 

Food for Thought

What are some dishes that your child/children help to make in the kitchen? What are some favorite easy breakfast, lunch and after school snacks which children can make on their own? Cooking Class, Global Feast, is one example of a great cookbook for kids to explore dishes from around the world. 

Activity: Complete working on your poster and submit recipes and art to face@maywoodhillspta.com.

May 21

Let’s Celebrate! 

We hope these two weeks have helped our community get to know each other better and appreciate the many different family cultures that make up our school. We look forward to the e-cookbook, showcasing recipes from families and staff. Remember to send in your recipes, artwork and posters!

Food for Thought

While the food we eat can reflect our family and our culture, it is also a basic necessity. The NSD continues to provide free breakfast and lunch to all children in our community. 

NSD Weekly Meal Packs
NSD In-Person Free Daily Meals

Local free food pantries are also available for families when in need. If you have food and resources to share, please consider donating to one of the following organizations.

Local Food Pantries: 
Northshore Nourishing Networks * A complete list of local food banks and other resources. 
Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank
Northshore Senior Center Food Pantry
Canyon Hills  Community Church Food Bank
Mill Creek Food Bank

Activity:  Final day to Submit recipes, artwork, and posters!
face@maywoodhillspta.com or Maywood Hills PTA facebook 

Potluck: a communal gathering in which each guest brings a dish to share with one another.
We hope you have enjoyed sharing your recipes and posters. 
Now, let us all take a seat at the table to celebrate our 
Maywood Hills Elementary School Community!

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