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Maywood Hills Elementary PTA Mission Statement:

The Maywood Hills PTA exists to support our school by supplementing the school’s own resources and programs to provide the best environment possible for the growth and development of its students. The MHPTA strives to be a dynamic, relevant, and responsive organization that is reflective of the community we serve. The PTA at Maywood Hills welcomes all to join and be involved at any level, and endeavors to provide volunteers with a rewarding and positive experience. 

The Goals of the Maywood Hills PTA to:

Promote partnership between parents, guardians, staff, and students to benefit the school community:

Increase membership – membership numbers to equal at least 50% of student enrollment and 100% Maywood teachers and staff enrollment; provide a welcoming atmosphere at meetings; provide more “working-parent-friendly” volunteer opportunities; Staff Liaison to represent teachers & staff; provide translation services to Spanish-speaking families; Watch D.O.G.S. dads on campus program.

Provide opportunities for academic enrichment:

Curriculum enhancements; after-school programs, book room support; library volunteers; PE liaison; class commemorative book donations to library; science fair and docents; academic scholarships; art docents and gallery night; Reflections program.

Foster a sense of community and family involvement:

Ice cream social; first day of school welcome; family BBQ and book fair; parent/child events;October Family Event; Festival of Cultures; family meal at general PTA meetings; other social opportunities.

Support the welfare and safety of children and families:

Social services; breakfast club; emergency preparedness support; health checks; office volunteers; standardized testing support, PBIS (positive behavioral interventions and support), Friends of Maywood & Watch DOGS..

Provide staff support:

Teacher grants; staff appreciation; Back-to-School Kid Mail; Field Day; office volunteers; staff liaison on board of directors.

Promote awareness of legislative issues affecting children:

Legislative Representative; attend PTA Legislative Assembly and state PTA Conference.

Provide effective PTA communication:

Tiger Pause Newsletter; directory; web site and Facebook updates; SEPAC liaison; general PTA meetings; reader board; historian/photographer displays.

Support training, education, and recognition of Maywood Hills PTA leadership:

Attendance at Northshore PTA council meetings, state convention, leadership classes, legislative assembly, and seminars; volunteer recognition awards.

Engage in necessary fundraising to finance our budgeted goals:

Jog-a-thon, Dinner Nights Out; other TBA efforts.

Executive Committee Job Descriptions

These descriptions are general. Some of these responsibilities cross many positions and there are others that are taken on as decided throughout the year.


  • Determines the agenda for and attends all Executive Committee, Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
  • Presides over Executive Committee, Board and General meetings.
  • Oversees all committee work.
  • Writes a summary of Executive Board meetings and General membership meetings for the PTA Newsletter.
  • Works with the Board and office staff to establish a calendar for the school year.
  • Write monthly message for newsletter.
  • Works with the Newsletter Editor and submits articles for the PTA Newsletter as needed.
  • Helps plan and conduct orientations of the newly elected Executive Committee in June. 
  • Works with committee chairs to ensure that documents are being saved on One-Drive.
  • Compiles a roster of newly-elected Executive Committee ~ Standing Committees members with their contact information and distributes the list to the membership and school office.
  • Communicates information to and from all local, state and Council PTA programs.
  • Attends local Council Meetings or appoints a designee.  


  • Attends all Executive Committee meetings, Board of Director meetings & General Membership meetings.
  • Performs the duties of the President in their absence or in their inability to serve.
  • Responsible for organizing meals prior to September and May general meetings.
  • Leads the ice cream social and PTA table at August Open House
  • Works with committee chairs to ensure that documents are being saved on One-Drive.
  • Ensures tables, chairs and venues have been reserved for all PTA events and meetings                                                


  • Attends all Executive Committee meetings, Board of Director meetings & General Membership meetings.
  • Keeps an accurate and very detailed account of all funds received and all funds disbursed through the PTA, including all vouchers, receipts, bank statement, cancelled checks, and other records.
  • Prepares and submits a detailed, written monthly financial report to the Executive Committee and Board
  • Pays bills by check and works with the President (or their designee) to obtain two signatures on each check.
  • Presents the budget to the membership at General meetings.
  • Responsible for signing in and out petty cash.
  • Completes Liability Insurance, Tax Exempt 990 form’s, State Charitable Solicitations forms, and IRS forms.
  • Keeps Legal Documents Notebook updated.
  • Works with the Membership Chair to pay Membership service fees.
  • Submits books and records to the Financial Review Committee twice a year and is accessible to the Financial Review committee during the review.


  • Attends all Executive Committee meetings, Board of Director meetings & General Membership meetings.
  • Prepare meeting agendas at least one week prior to meeting (meet with EC to get agenda items or call for agenda items by email, send email to board asking who would like to make a committee report. Send agenda to EC to make sure everything is accurate.)
  • Send agenda to board 4-7 days prior to the meeting
  • Photocopy agenda, last meeting minutes, and any other documents for meetings.
  • Arrive a few minutes early to the meeting to put out sign in sheets, copies of last meeting minutes draft, blue folders on tables (folders contain standing rules, goals, motion slips, Roberts Rules)
  • Take minutes at the meeting and prepare them afterward to post on website.
  • Make any corrections or changes needed to past meeting minutes and post them on the website for final, approved minutes.
  • Send correspondence for the PTA, such as thank you cards, birthday cards for front office staff, special occasion cards and gifts for teachers and staff.
  • Purchase Christmas gifts for office staff to be given at holiday board meeting.

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