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The Science Docent Program is a fun science enrichment program provided by volunteers that visit the classroom as often as once a month to introduce children (and teachers) to interactive lessons and hands-on experiments that might coincide with current curriculum or can even reach outside the scope of lessons being taught in the classroom. Science Docent volunteers can facilitate existing lessons, or create their own.

  • Assist teachers with their lessons by helping prep materials or simply being an extra adult for supervision.
  • Utilize existing curriculum and activities developed by parents and teachers over the years, and put them into action in the classroom.  These box sets are well stocked and examples include: magnets, catapults, water tension, etc.
  • Create your own lessons based on what interests you, your career, or any fun ideas found in books or the internet!  Really the skies are the limit.  Teachers follow state curriculum, you can add to it, or bring in new topics.
  • Commitment can be as little as a few times a year or as often as once a month, coordination just needs to happen with your child’s teacher.
  • Many supplies are available through the program, science teachers as well as a budget to reimburse costs upon approval.
  • Support the Science Fair (usually beginning of June) by providing assistance for setup, monitoring and clean up.

young student with a volcano science project
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