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Volunteer Application Process

To volunteer on campus, you must complete the registration process outlined on this page.

Why Volunteer?

Involvement by student’s families and community members contributes to a successful school experience and has a positive impact on student achievement. When caring adults participate in the education of children, students achieve better grades, have better attendance, complete homework, and show higher aspirations.

Visit the Maywood Hills Volunteer Page
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Current Volunteer Opportunities:

*Remember to complete your volunteer application first*

One Time Events:
Interested? Email

  • Feb 4: Movie Night
    • Volunteers needed to help with popcorn, set up and clean up!
  • Spring Fundraising Event
    • We are looking for volunteers to help organize and run the Spring Fundraiser Event! Help us put on a fun event (for adults) and raise money for our school community!
  • Spring Social Event
    • We are looking for volunteers to help put on a fun social event for our students and families. We are thinking a family dance party. This should be easy and fun event to plan, grab a friend and sign up!

Ongoing Volunteer Roles:

  • Recess Volunteer:
    • Days: Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday
    • Times: 10:25-11:25 (K/1st) or 11:25-12:55 (2nd-5th) or 10:25-12:55 (all)
    • Sign up here (We ask that you choose a maximum of 1 day per month): 
    • The Sunday before your date, we will send an email to the office to confirm your arrival and verify that your background check and volunteer approval has been processed.  

Being a volunteer is a privilege and should be taken seriously.  Being a role model for service, support, and community can make an impact in the lives our kids.  One day…a few hours…can make a big difference.  Thank you for stepping up!  

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