Friday, October 29th


Jog-A-Thon is here!

On October 29th during recess, students will have the option to jog around the field for our annual Jog-A-Thon PTA fund raising event.  No sign up is necessary, and the running part is just for fun.  This is one of our major fundraisers for the year so we do ask that you read on to learn how to donate and help support the PTA.

Donation Info

Start gathering donations between now and October 29th. Donations are a flat amount – NOT a per lap donation. Note: you do not need to collect donations to have fun running during the jogathon.

Please make sure to select the correct grade level donation link for your student. Then, on the dropdown menu select their specific teacher. (The top donating classes will receive a Uncle Peteza’s Pizza Party!)

You can download our official Jog-A-Thon flyer here

Every student gets an “action shirt” thanks to our sponsors!

logo for the hardworking nice guys
logo for Darin Hanson DJ company

images of hands with a donation sign, kids running and the jogathon logo

After the donation is made there is a “Notes” section where you can indicate the child whom you’d like to donate for. Top fundraising students get a prize!

Many workplaces participate in a “Company Match” donation program. This is an easy way to earn funds for Maywood! If you need a receipt for this or have questions on how it works, please email or visit our matching funds page.

Please make checks payable to Maywood Hills Elementary PTSA.

The Jogathon is one of PTA’s primary fundraisers for 2020-2021!

The Leaderboard

graph showing latest tally of donations by classPrizes!

Top 3 pledge earners (overall) will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Top 2 donation earning classes (1 class K-2, 1 Class 3-5) will receive an Uncle Peteza’s Pizza Party!

Top 2 lap classes (1 class K-2, 1 Class 3-5) will receive a $200 teacher grant for their classroom!

All joggers receive a treat at the Jogathon regardless of pledges collected!

If Maywood reaches their goal of $15,000, Mrs. Hoeft will be wrapped in toilet paper by the class who raises the most funds.

Full Schedule

  • 1:15 3rd Grade – Charlesworth, Matto, Rice, Worwerk
  • 1:30 5th Grade –  Briefs, Herman, Sires, Wesson
  • 1:45 2nd Grade – Burnett, Meyer, Murphy, Navalinski
  • 2:00 Kinder – Barros, Farrenkopf, Kuhlmann, Nelson
  • 2:15 4th – Erickson, Sanchez, Simpson, Valentino
  • 2:30 1st – Adkinson, Andrews/Pilgrim, Goninsky, Miceli, Waite
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