Staff Appreciation

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Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation Committee does our best to make sure our Maywood Hills staff feels encouraged and backed by the entire Maywood Hills family–students, parents and the surrounding community.  In the past we (a joint effort between the PTA and generous donations) have provided a themed lunch for the staff each month!  We miss those luncheons–but they are not practical during these times.  For now, we are bridging the gap with some other creatively themed events each month or so.

Volunteer sign up sheets are posted on the PTA newsletter, PTA facebook page and in the Maywood S’more updates.  Please be on the lookout for these opportunities to help out and donate food or other goodies to the Staff Appreciation events.

If you want an even easier way of showing your “Thanks!” to our amazing teachers, consider browsing their School Supply Wishlists. A recent survey revealed that the average teacher spends $468 of their own money on back to school supplies each year, so if you’re able let’s help them out this year!

If you have questions, ideas or want to help in another way please contact  Thank you!

Brooke Giesbrecht & Mary Irving

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